Over 40 Years of Protein Provision

Did You Know Sterling Pacific Meat Company Has Been A Leader In Protein Provisions Over 40 Years?

Sterling Pacific Meat Company has a strong 40 year history providing USDA inspected fresh meat, poultry and other protein food products to restaurants, hotels, theme parks and other business enterprises.

The can’t be missed, signature cow van in the photo above and the meat cleaver below were both used by our founder, Joseph Asher, in the original meat company that would eventually become today’s modern Sterling Pacific Meat Company.


Sterling meat Cleaver Joseph Asher


Through commitment to customers and steady state-of-the-art investments in people, processes and equipment, Sterling Pacific Meat Company has grown from a family-run business to one of the largest protein providers in the United States.

“Steady, strategic growth has been the key to maintaining the same attention to detail and personalized customer service the company provided as a small family-run business into today where we have substantially increased scale into a large operation that serves major restaurant chains, hotels, theme parks and other food service enterprises” stated Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Collette Kakuk.

Throughout the years, the mission of the company has been quite consistent:

  • To ensure our customers succeed by providing safe quality products, superior customer service and product knowledge unsurpassed in our industry.
  • To exceed expectations beyond industry and legal requirements by producing the safest and highest quality products using our Food Safety and Quality Management programs.
  • To continuously improve our service, quality and food safety and to review our systems each year to assure they are rigorous and state-of-the-art.
  • To be a world-class supplier of animal protein products to restaurants and food service distributors in the US and abroad.

Ms. Kakuk went on to say, “Our vision for Sterling Pacific Meat Company into the future includes continued investments in state-of-the-art technologies and people so we can continue to grow and ensure the very best in food safety, quality, and consistency for our customers.”

We are proud to have 40 strong years serving customers – and we look forward to 40 more.

How can we serve your restaurant, chain, hotel, theme park, cruise line, or other food service entity? Please contact us at matt.cullen@sterlingpacificmeat.com or collette@sterlingpacificmeat.com.

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