Food Safety

Food Safety

BRC Food Certificated

Stringent Food Safety Standards

Today, more than ever, the importance of food safety is at the forefront of every center-of-the-plate provider. Sterling Pacific Meat Company is committed to the highest food safety standards in the industry so you can rest assured all products manufactured and delivered are safe. We have a rigorous food safety system with fully documented standard operating procedures that are tested and monitored continuously by both our Quality Assurance team and outside 3rd parties to ensure we are meeting the highest quality and safety standards.

BRC Certification.  The British Retail Consortium(BRC) is the industry’s most stringent and prominent certification under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked for food safety standards.  Sterling Pacific Meat Company has earned this certification with an A Grade.  Achieving the BRC Global Standards for Food Safety Certification demonstrates Sterling Pacific Meat Company’s commitment to providing customers with the best possible standards to deliver high quality and safe products.

  • GFSI certified through BRC with Grade A
  • In-house laboratory with certified lab practitioners on premises
  • Continuous improvement through large, state-of-the-art equipment investments
  • Management charter and commitment to go above and beyond USDA, customer and third party audit expectations and requirements

In-House Certified Laboratory. Sterling Pacific Meat Company consistently surpasses industry requirements, and our commitment to food safety is bolstered by our immense in-house professional lab capabilities, including:

  • Certified microbiologist and lab practitioners
  • Quick turn around on lab results
  • BAX Machine to meet and exceed USDA requirements

In addition, product goes through multiple x-rays to ensure the most stringent in food safety processes.  Call us today to learn how we can put our proven food safety program to work in delivering quality products to your business.