Angus & Specialty Brands

Angus & Specialty Brands

Aurora Angus Beef – A 70 Year Tradition

We are proud to provide Aurora Angus Beef® – the finest Midwest Angus Beef for over 70 years. Since 1939, Aurora premium Black Angus beef has been served in upscale restaurants and gourmet delicatessens where the the most discrimintating top chefs and culinary butchers demand quality and taste excellence.

Aurora’s TraceBack program is the first of its kind in the US to offer guaranteed traceability – not only to ensure consistency in superior food quality – but to also verify the exact origin of each individual cut of Aurora Angus. A scientifically proven traceability system whereby each individual animal is DNA sampled so that in every stage of the production chain, we can verify the precise origin of Aurora Angus beef. That’s our Sterling Pacific Meat pride. To offer you the very, very best meat possible.

Specialty Brands & Vendors

***Need INFORMATION:  never ever? grass fed? American Style Kobe? Custom Blends?  Vendors? (JBS, Blackstone)


***We can re-certify/are CAB Producer?

We are proud to serve restaurants, theme parks, hotels, grocery chains, wholesalers and more – working to deliver exactly what your business demands and expects. In addition to our exceptional products, we offer a wide variety of custom and value-added flavor profiles, portion control services, fancy meats, and more. No business is too large or small.  Contact us today to learn how we can add value to your business.